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Dyma restr o Americanwyr Cymreig enwog.

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  1. [1] "We're about to prove that Tom Cruise is a Welshman. A mission impossible, you might think, but you'd be wrong. Cruise, best known for talking into the mobile phones of strangers at film premieres, has deep roots in Wales. His great great grandfather Dylan Henry Mapother emigrated from Flint in North Wales to Louisville in Kentucky in 1850, at the age of 16. Tom's real name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, and many generations of Mapothers have lived in Wales. Nicole Kidman's ex was surprised to learn of his Welsh ancestry, which he discovered in a January 2004 episode of the US TV show Inside The Actor's Studio, which reveals family trees of the rich and famous."
  2. [2] "Bette Davis, just one of the many famous Welsh actors... Bette Davis has Welsh connections from here father Harlow Davies whose family hail from Wales. She even visited Wales when in Britain acting to trace her family roots."
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  7. [5] "Later, at a brief press conference, Hopkins, who was born in Wales, was asked why he recently became an American citizen. "I've lived here some years. I feel at home in America. I suppose it was a pretty bold decision, but America has been very generous to me. There was a bit of an outburst in the British press. I was branded as some sort of turncoat, but so be it.""
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