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This template supersedes {{legend3}}.

Usage[golygu cod]


  • Colors are most commonly specified as either a color keyword or as the hexadecimal triplet representing an RGB combination. See web colors for details.
  • Text is optional; it is displayed using the default style foreground color as prescribed by CSS. For most users this is black.
  • The wikilink parameter is also optional and specifies the wikilink to the article to which the text should point.
Visual effect Markup
  Default color for this text  {{colorbox|Fuchsia|Default color for this text}}
  Wikilink to the article on Wikipedia  {{colorbox|Yellow|Wikilink to the article on Wikipedia|Wikipedia}}
  Using an X11 color name  {{colorbox|Chartreuse|'''Using an X11 color name'''|Wikipedia}}
  Using RGB hex triplet  {{colorbox|#FEDCBA|''Using RGB hex triplet''|Wikipedia}}

NOTE: Using a blue, purple, or red colorbox obscures unvisited, visited, and missing wikilinks, respectively, as these are the default link colors for most users.

Legends and keys[golygu cod]

The colorbox template is widely used to annotate complex tables in which editors have used color to group like entries. The editor uses the background-color style to color individual cells in the table and then adds a legend consisting of colorboxes at the beginning or end of the table explaining the meanings behind the color scheme. The editor may also add symbols like a caret (^), dagger/obelisk (†), double dagger/diesis (‡), or asterisk (*) to call attention to the different meanings.

Text marker examples
Visual effect Markup
  ^  {{colorbox|#CEF2E0|^}}
  †  {{colorbox|#CEDFF2|†}}
  ‡  {{colorbox|#DDCEF2|‡}}
  *  {{colorbox|#F2E0CE|*}}


  1. Using a black colorbox with text markers obscures the text as the default style foreground color for most users is black.
  2. The HTML code * must be used to create the asterisk as Wikipedia will treat the typed asterisk as an indented bullet point.

See also[golygu cod]

{{Color box}} — Alternative, black-bordered version.