Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Irvine 2008.jpg
Gwybodaeth gefndirol
Tarddiad Leyton
Cerddoriaeth Grŵp traditional metel trwm
Blynyddoedd 1975
Label(i) recordio Epic Records, Capitol Records, EMI

Grŵp traditional metel trwm yw Iron Maiden. Sefydlwyd y band yn Leyton yn 1975. Mae Iron Maiden wedi cyhoeddi cerddoriaeth ar label recordio Epic Records, Capitol Records, EMI.

Aelodau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

  • Janick Gers - Gitar
  • Nicko McBrain - Drymiau
  • Adrian Smith - Gitar
  • Dave Murray - Gitar
  • Steve Harris - Bas, Bysellfwrdd
  • Bruce Dickinson - Llais Arweiniol

Cyn Aelodau[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

  • Doug Sampson - Drymiau
  • Paul Di'anno - Llais arweiniol
  • Dennis Stratton - Gitar, llais cefndir
  • Clive Burr - Drymiau
  • Blaze Bayley - Llais Arweiniol

Disgyddiaeth[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

Rhestr Wicidata:

albwm[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Killers 1981-02-02 Uptown Records
The Number of the Beast 1982-03-22 EMI
Piece of Mind 1983-05-16 EMI
Powerslave 1984-09-03 EMI
Somewhere in Time 1986-09-29 EMI
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 1988-04-11 EMI
No Prayer for the Dying 1990-10-08 Epic Records
Fear of the Dark 1992-05-12 EMI
The X Factor 1995-10-02 EMI
Maiden Voyage 1998
Virtual XI 1998-03-23 EMI
Brave New World 2000-05-30 EMI
Dance of Death 2003-09-02 EMI
No More Lies 2004-03-29 EMI
A Matter of Life and Death 2006-08-28
Columbia Records
Sony Music
Somewhere Back in Time 2008
Live After Death 2008-02-04
The Final Frontier 2010-08-13 Ardent Records
Universal Music Enterprises
Sony Music Entertainment
The Book of Souls 2015-09-04 Parlophone Records
Rock in Rio
Live + one

albwm byw[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Live!! +one 1980-11 EMI
Maiden Japan 1981-08 Capitol Records

sengl[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
Sound of Free 1970-12-04
Sanctuary 1980-05-23 EMI
Twilight Zone 1981-03-02 EMI
Purgatory 1981-06-15 EMI
Run to the Hills 1982-02-12 Sony
The Number of the Beast 1982-04-26 EMI
Flight of Icarus 1983-04-11 EMI
The Trooper 1983-06-20 EMI
2 Minutes to Midnight 1984 EMI Records
Aces High 1984-10-22 EMI
Running Free 1985
Running Free 1985-09-13 EMI
Run to the Hills 1985-12-02 EMI
Wasted Years 1986-09-06 EMI
Stranger in a Strange Land 1986-11-22 EMI
Can I Play with Madness 1988-03-20 EMI Records
The Evil That Men Do 1988-08-01 EMI
The Clairvoyant 1988-11-07 EMI
Infinite Dreams 1989-11-06 EMI
Holy Smoke 1990-09-10 EMI
Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter 1990-12-24 EMI
Be Quick or Be Dead 1992-04-13 EMI
From Here to Eternity 1992-06-29 EMI
Wasting Love 1992-09-01 EMI
Fear of the Dark 1993-03-01 EMI
Hallowed Be Thy Name 1993-10-04 EMI
Lord of the Flies 1995-04 EMI
Man on the Edge 1995-08 EMI
Virus 1996-09-02 EMI
The Angel and the Gambler 1998-03-09 EMI
Futureal 1998-09 EMI
The Wicker Man 2000-05-08 EMI
Out of the Silent Planet 2000-10-23 EMI
Run to the Hills 2002-02-11 EMI
Rainmaker 2003-09-01 EMI
Wildest Dreams 2003-09-01 EMI
The Number of the Beast 2005-01-03 EMI
The Trooper 2005-08-15 EMI
The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 2006-08-14 Columbia Records
Different World 2006-08-28 ABC Records
El Dorado 2010-06-08 EMI
Speed of Light 2015-08-14 Parlophone Records
Sanctuary Records Group
Empire of the Clouds 2016-04-16 EMI

Misc[golygu | golygu cod y dudalen]

enw dyddiad cyhoeddi label recordio
The Soundhouse Tapes 1979-11-09
Diwedd y rhestr a gynhyrchwyd yn otomatig o Wicidata.

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