Y gwahaniaeth rhwng diwygiadau o "Pibau Cymreig"

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(dolenni (mewnol ac allanol))
Another development of piping in Wales has been the making of mouth blown pibau cwd, pibgwd or bacbib which are based on the veuze and Galician gaita. They have a steep conically bored chanter with seven finger holes and thumb hole with a double reed and a single base drone usually tuned two octaves below the tonic. Drones are also tuned to one note below the tonic for minor tunes. Welsh pipers most often play bagpipes in the key of D but other keys are also used, particularly C or B#.
Welsh pipe groups/bands: Pibau Pencader, Pibe Bach, Pibau Preseli, and Bagad Pibau Morgannwg. Welsh musicians/groups using pigyrn pibe cwd etc: Fernhill, Carreg Lafar, Crasdant, Stephen Rees and Andy Mclaughlin, Jason Lawday, and Antwn Owen Hicks and Gafin Morgan.-->
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Welsh pipers Antwn Owen Hicks and Gafin Morgan (Dwylaw Cwyth) and Bagad Pibau Morgannwg.
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